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The Design Process



Victor will meet you at your property to discuss your goals for your project. We will talk about your goals and requirements for your project, your schedule and budget, and the unique opportunities and challenges of your land and/or existing buildings.
There is no charge for this initial meeting.


Victor will develop a conceptual design of your Maine house using state of the art computer architectural drawings (CAD). This conceptual design offers you the chance to review and comment on building forms, site design, room adjacencies, roof shapes, walls, windows, etc. In our design meetings, we exchange ideas and the design evolves to make your dreams for your Maine home take form. From the earliest phase, you will see it all in 3D drawings, floor plans, exterior elevations, sections through the building, and videos showing a walk around your house with sun and shadow patterns to see how it fits on your land. Victor will also work with your local code enforcement officer during this phase to afford a smooth permitting process later. You are an integral part of the design process throughout the project.



As the conceptual design progresses and you like the design concept, we begin to enter the design development phase. Now we explore choices about materials, room dimensions, kitchen and bath design, walls, flooring, roofing, windows, doors, structural design, beams, fireplaces, masonry, etc. Using Victor's unique CAD software, you can see any view of your project at any time via email. This enables you to have the greatest level of knowledge, understanding, and comfort throughout the design process... no matter where you are at the time.


Our next step is to develop these drawings into the detailed documents that we need for bidding and construction. In this phase we develop and finalize all the construction details, dimensions, room finishes, foundations, kitchen and bath cabinets, lighting and electrical plans, structural engineering drawings, construction notes and the specifications that show all the project components in detail. These are the documents that issued to pre-qualified builders for bidding, negotiation, and construction; and they are the documents will submit for building permits. This detailed set of documents enables competitive pricing and quality control for you.

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By utilizing the bidding process, we will obtain competitive pricing from pre-qualified builders. We will review and evaluate the bids, negotiate as may be required, and develop a contract for construction.


Victor will observe the work of the builders to assure quality workmanship and conformance with the contract documents. Victor will visit the site regularly during construction, answer questions from the builders, negotiate changes, certify payment applications, etc.
From start to finish, Victor will be your eyes and ears on the project, protecting your interests, and seeing you through to the successful completion of your Maine home.



From Clients

  • "I can say without hesitation that this project would not be at the level it is today without your friendship, professionalism, and true sense of caring. These qualities are what you are all about. Again, thank you for keeping our interest in the forefront."

  • "We feel that we have the best possible solution to our needs, that all our best ideas came out, and that your design ability, tastes and vision made it even better than we imagined."

  • "I would hire him again and I would recommend him to all my friends."

  • "Thank you, Victor, sooner or later, the tradition had to start."

  • "You were a great listener and unflaggingly approachable.  We are no less than thrilled with the results."

  • "Yes, I would definitely hire Victor again.  Actually, I am very happy every day that I hired him because he is doing a great job and is saving me a lot of money because of the way he designs and the way he manages the project and contractors to come up with inexpensive solutions if there is a better and more cost-efficient way."

  • "So what you pay Victor for his work, you save at other places if you follow his advice.  He will honestly tell you if he disagrees with your approach or let you know the cost impact of your preferences but will go ‘your way’ if that is what you want."

  • "I can talk to you and you understand exactly what I want. I just love the design."

  • "Vic is constantly communicating with his customers.  He always listens to his customers needs."

  • "The renovations and addition are 150% better than we even hoped they would be."

Your House, Your Land, Your Lifestyle

A house that fits your land and lifestyle starts by understanding and respecting the site.

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