Frequently Asked Questions

Clients often have questions about working with a residential architect. Here are some common concerns and their answers.

Why should I hire an architect?

Design and construction is a complex and often expensive undertaking that requires professional training. Creative design, an understanding of construction technologies, structural design, a mechanical & electrical engineering design team, knowledge of pricing, and ability to coordinate lots of complex technical information with a diverse team of people is what an architect will bring to your project. It is the time-proven best way to get a building designed and built. Staying within your budget and schedule has to be coordinated by an experienced design professional. Without an architect, you will be unlikely to meet your goals and you will be subject to a lot of risk during this process.

Why do I need a full set of drawings and specifications?

You will save a lot of money with a good set of drawings and specifications. The contractors will have very clear and complete information to enable them to prepare a very competitive bid. Vague or incomplete drawings will leave too many items unclear and result in higher prices, delays, and change order costs. You will usually save most of the architect’s fee when you open your contractors’ bids because a complete set of plans and specifications has eliminated virtually all of the unknowns that drive your costs higher.


What will your services cost?

Compensation for services is based on a fixed fee. The rate of compensation depends on the complexity of the project and is negotiable; as a rule of thumb, most projects have fees that are around 10% of the construction cost. These services generally include all structural engineering required for the project.

What value do you bring to this project?

An unsurpassed level of comfort for you, relationship building, cost control, management of the project team, creativity, scheduling, clear communications, construction knowledge, contract documents, cost estimates, quality control, risk protection…All for you.

My builder said that I don’t need an architect…

You need an architect and a builder because each brings separate and necessary skills to make your project a success. An architect provides creative design skills, an engineering team, detailed documents for bidding and construction, and is the owner’s eyes and ears on the project to ensure quality construction as well as protect the owner’s interests. An architect is your representative and minimizes your risk in all your interactions with the contractor and subcontractors. In residential architecture, this is often crucial to the success of the project.

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