Building A Custom Home

These are a few ideas that Victor has learned as a custom home architect with 35 years experience that will improve the quality of your project and save you money.

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Cheap costs more

Cheap solutions will invariably cost more time and money to replace than if the work had been done correctly the first time.


Smart Design Saves Money

Smart site design allows the building to take advantage of natural lighting and breezes to minimize heating and ventilation costs.


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Quality Materials

Quality materials always will cost you less over time. Buy the best windows, doors, cabinets, hardware, faucets, etc. That your budget can afford.



Pre-prime exterior wood

Pre-prime faces & edges of exterior wood trim & siding to prevent damage from moisture.


Quartz Dining lighting

Quartz halogen lighting shows off food in the best way; use it over your dining table.


Subsurface Installation

When installing any new material, always make certain that the subsurface over which the new material is being installed has been installed correctly (proper type and amount of fastenings, level and / or plumb, dry, smooth, no rough edges, etc.).  This is just as true for concrete as for carpets.

Get it in writing

Get all your agreements in writing and use aia forms of agreement for your own protection.

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Purchase "attic stock"

Purchase "attic stock" (5% extra materials) to save for minor repairs of flooring, tiles, & shingles.

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Maple + Cherry

Maple and cherry used next to each other are a gorgeous combination.

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Cultivate a strong relationship between site, building, and landscape.


Get At Least 3 Bids

To get competitive prices from contractors, always pre-qualify a select list of builders and then get bids from 3 or 4 (no more and no less) of them for your project.

Outside In

Melt the barriers between interior and exterior to bring the outside into the living space and expand the feeling of the interior.


change orders

Get all change orders during construction in writing before any work on the change begins.

Your House, Your Land, Your Lifestyle

A house that fits your land and lifestyle starts by understanding and respecting the site.

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